Add: TOMB-FTM Community Farm

Proposal Submitted: Snapshot


The purpose of this proposal is to incorporate a new pool into our farms:



We desire deeper liquidity for smoother trades and to enable us to meet the TVL requirements by the Fantom Foundation. Incentivizing this pair enables traders to provide liquidity for a Community Pool that incorporates what amounts to a relatively low-risk option for those betting on the price of Fantom as TOMB is designed as a peg to FTM, hence less impermanent loss.


Upon successfully passing this proposal, we will launch one new pool set to the Community Pools class allocation, which was voting on in the prior proposal.

Please use this topic to discuss your thoughts and opinions, thanks!

Warm Regards,
Buns the Enchantress

Just seen the concerns re TOMB on Discord. Are there any alternatives that would achieve similar benefits re TVL?