Add Vault Balance to AURA

Proposal Submitted: Snapshot


The purpose of this proposal is to enable the use of the vault balance to increase one’s AURA, which determines their voting power.


Fully agree. As discussed in the town hall, I think it would be fair to also include the Soul rewards locked in the Soul bonds in the Aura calculation.
Bond holders are long term holders, so it makes sense to give them the governance power associated with their locked value.

In general that would make sense imo: lower liquidity soul (longer lock) should be weighed heavier in the aura calculation.

From the Town Hall I also understood that the current idea for farms 2.0 is to base the gauges on Aura. This makes the aura calculation method particularly important, and the contribution weights should be considered with care.

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Does anyone know if the idea of adding the Soul rewards locked in Bonds to voting power was implemented?

Yes, this has been implemented. Please let us know if you notice any discrepancies.