Airdrop Allocation

Determine Airdrop Allocations for Spaces by Wix Badgeholders

The purpose of this discussion is to decide the optimal distribution of airdrop rewards based on badges acquired on Wix Spaces.


I believe it's in our best interest to move forward with the airdrop as soon as possible, in order to reward early adopters and allow them to stake their tokens, as well as avoid any discontent among newcomers about having missed the airdrop, or eliminate any worries about an impending price drop resulting from it (however unfounded those worries may be, we've all seen it before).

Personally, I would prefer for the allocations to be determined by the founders, because the airdrop was part of their own vision for the launch, and because that would let us skip a protracted voting process (which in my humble view seems unnecessary for this particular purpose, especially given that we’re still in the middle of conversations about changing the voting process itself).

However, I acknowledge that other people may have different views, so I wanted to open up a less formal, pre-proposal discussion where everyone can voice their opinion on the matter, and we can proceed accordingly.


The badges and their associated tasks were:

Ceremony Participation

  1. Summon Souls
    Summon today (questionnaire)

Beta Participation

  1. Welcome Message
    Brief description (quiz)
    First impressions (questionnaire)
    Brief tutorial (questionnaire)

  2. Bug Testing
    Bug bounty (questionnaire)
    Bonus points (questionnaire)
    Feedback (questionnaire)

Launch Survey

  1. Coming Soon
    Our launch (quiz)
    Our Goals (quiz)

  2. Making it Happen
    Packs: overview (quiz)
    Packs: details (quiz)
    Select your pack (questionnaire)
    Saying thank you (questionnaire)

Telegram Badge

  1. Join Telegram
    Username (questionnaire)

  2. Add 3 Members
    Add member [1/3] (questionnaire)
    Add member [2/3] (questionnaire)
    Add member [3/3] (questionnaire)
    Agreement (questionnaire)


Options to consider:

1 - Leave the distribution details up to the founders who designed the tasks
2 - Settle for equal distribution, with 25% going to each of the 4 badges
3 - Put it up for an official vote and determine allocation weights that way (as we did for liquidity provider incentives)

Please feel free to voice any opinions or suggestions you have regarding the airdrop in general.


I can’t remember the exact sequence the tasks were set but if any of them were implemented before launch or the summoning ceremony they should be weighed slightly more than those implemented after,if that was the case, sinply to reward the earliest supporters slightly more. A sort of graduated loyalty reward.


Normally I would agree with the logic, but they were all rolled out within the same time period, through the beta test and leading up to the launch ceremony, so there’s not much of a seniority difference to speak of. I think the Telegram one was published first, but it also stayed open longer than the others, if I’m not mistaken.

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Agree with spacemaker. Also some tasks where more complicated than others and should definitely have more rewards. Like the beta and bug testing. Personally I only completed one section but not the next because I don’t write any code. That section IMO was completely unnecessary. Identifying bugs and writing detailed information about them yes. Debugging the bug, that’s developer stuff and not for the layman.

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I mean any kind of reward would be nice, for one I was a tester, so I’m biased. Lol

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Oh the airdrop is definitely happening, this is just about deciding how best to allocate the designated funds per badge.

Personally I don’t really have a strong opinion on it, I just want to get the airdrop out of the way ASAP. I’d maybe slightly favor the badges that have fewer holders (since it indicates more effort having been required), but I don’t have those numbers in front of me to be able to say which.


Fair enough, I for one do agree with your current formula

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Something needs to at least happen here, rather than nothing so I’m in favour of keeping it simple and going with the 25% allocation for each completed Badge. Let’s just get this done.


Seems like there’s not much discussion from the audience so it’ll be a nice surprise


You know what? You are absolutely correct – we did set this out pre-governance and it would make the most sense for us to move forward with it unilaterally.

As you stated, @Unknown, it was understood from the onset that these tokens are allocated specifically for the purpose of carrying out an airdrop. I will discuss this with @DeGatchi in and report back here as to how we shall proceed. Thank you so much for creating this topic!


As an update on this topic, there will be 2 badges that will receive rewards, since one was invalid due to the fact that we never had a whitelist presale and the other was very basic (joining Telegram) and we failed to acquire addresses and it was relatively low-effort compared to the qualifying badges anyways. This allows us to give rewards to those who truly added the most benefit and in a a non-trivial manner as dividing across 2 badges instead of 4 enables qualified participants double the rewards.

The data is almost completely verified, but thus far I can report that the two qualifying badges are: Ceremony and Beta.

Those who successfully completed the Ceremony badge will each receive roughly 3,200 SOUL and those who participated in the Beta will receive 2,075 SOUL each.

Data may be found here: Wix Airdrop Recipients - Google Sheets

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