Auto-Reinvest Harvest Rewards

Hello everyone! We just wanted to get your thoughts towards a auto-reinvestment contract that moves the harvest rewards into the staking pool via someone clicking the claim button that rewards them with x amount of SOUL at that time. The only downside would be the fee would practically be 14% all the time since the contract is used by multiple people, potentially withdrawing and resetting the fee each day.

Let us know what you think and feel free to suggest any alternatives!

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We could have 2 pools, one that’s locked for 14 days after each withdrawal and another one that eats the 14% each time? But even only having the one that has 14% fee each time sounds great to me =)


I like this idea over the other solely because it would eat that 14% each time, however, an auto compounding claim button is a beautiful idea. I feel this early on in the protocol that 14% probably shouldn’t matter too much seeing as we are still yet to find support at a dollar or above, so either of these would be great but I would have to vote for number two, that is having two separate pools.

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It’s a good idea as long as we still have the option of manual harvesting and an informational is shown before confirmation so that newbies always know about the 14% fee. Having options is always good and getting fees from those who don’t care is good for the protocol.


I think an auto contract works, as long as there is still the manual harvest option available. Not everyone will want to have a constant 14% fee on their farm.

Both auto and manual options would be the best of both worlds.

Definitely be sure to also include a note on how the fee works, as some ppl could be unpleasantly surprised.



I don’t understand why there would be a 14% fee… right now there is no harvest fee, no staking fee, and no unstaking fee for pure SOUL.

But we are talking about harvesting and then staking, so 0 fee’s … it seems more complicated for you to introduce a 14% fee for “staking” …

In any case, I don’t think it’s a good idea if you can’t opt out, the idea that people can wipe out 14% of my unharvested SOUL whenever they want it just a bit too crazy … so you need to either OPT-IN (preferable) or let people OPT-OUT …

I would prefer to harvest manually, rather than lose 14% of my SOUL rewards.

But, I go back to the first point, I don’t understand why there is any 14% fee involved in the process of harvesting and staking for others, if I don’t have it there right now anyway.


Agree with your thoughts here. What would be the aim of affecting others every time one auto stakes. I prefer manual

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Not sure why there’d be a 14% fee on the auto staking to SOUL pool but if there was I wouldn’t use it,I’d just manual click to save 14% all day every day.


The 14% fee will be for other pools not for Soul staking, unless we change the rules for withdrawals we will have that fee if just 1 person removes their liquidity on each day.

Maybe we could expand the contract to somehow take an address as parameter so it doesn’t default to the staker for locking the liquidity? That way each one could unstake from the autocompounding whenever they feel their fee is reasonable and without bothering everyone else. But I know shit about solidity so maybe this doesn’t make sense at all =)

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What if we made a auto-compound vault for staking? That wouldn’t have any fees.


I love the idea, it works great with folive, it could be a great incentive to negate any worry from that whale who took profits and is worrying some folks, soul is “on sale” rn it would be a perfect time