CIRCLES - FTM payout missing

Hi Devs,
I have a stake which is not accruing wFTM. It has been about 36 hours since my last harvest and there is onyl 1.2 wFTM.

Please help.

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Hey mate. Circles are empty, no more rewards are getting delivered since 3/4 days ago.

Check announcements channel on telegram to confirm what I’m telling you =)


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Thank you.

Is the circle going to be replaced by something else?

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More will come as we bring on new partners and have more funds to buy FTM to provide as rewards. We were hoping for the grant to arrive by now, but those requirements changed after our Circles had begun. We are now in a state were we have to tighten our belt for now and this is one of those options we cannot afford to sustain, as we would’ve in a world where we had the Fantom Grant, for which we were previously fully-qualified.