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I would love to see circles back, I see no way to make my stack bigger atm. Staking has very low rewards now, it used to be 0,50% a day + additional 0,50% from circles. Now only 0,20% from staking soul. I don’t like farming and bonding, nor I understand it completely tbh, but I know it is risky for sure and it also requires pair of tokens. Some single side staking option with seance is certainly very nice option.
Honestly I have no idea what is required to make this sustainable and to happen, but I guess there is an option.
I just wanted to make this proposal here instead of typing at the discord or tg repeatedly.
There is a lot of people who don’t understand farming or bonding, so that’s simply a reason why circles were great, earning and simplicity.



VOTE AGAINST: I think we need to look at the bigger picture. I understand the wish for some, because they don’t want to take the risks to farm. But don’t think this will be a good move for our overal TVL and thus brings down the price of SOUL.

It is much better if people actively participate in farms with their SEANCE and thereby strengthen the tokenomics of the DEX.

I understand the proposal from a user perspective but its doesn’t add value to the DEX and could even hurt the price of SOUL in the long term.

If you wish the price of SOUL to rise then add value in TVL.

It’s as simple as that!


It creates an infinite money loop that also drains LP rewards allocation from farms + bonds, thus liquidity will drop. More detrimental than beneficial.

Having that allocation towards something more productive, e.g., bonds, would be a better bet.

Yes thought the same.

But if the community really wants this: An alternative could be to create an auto compounding stake pool with only a low distribution of rewards. It should in any case not have much impact on the total distribution.

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I think an auto-compound would be a better solution w/ a portion of the auto-compounded rewards going to the DAO for the service.

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This proposal stems from Buns suggesting SOUL as rewards (for circles) in a townhall 2 weeks ago and it was just something she mentioned on a whim, so we are all just throwing ideas on the table right now.

Main idea for the proposal is on whether you want circles to be back or not.
Rewards, emissions, etc can be decided in another proposal.

EDIT: The community brought up some valid points and we think more brainstorming is needed on the Circles proposal, so it has been scrapped for now until we reach a more concrete plan.

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