Farm Harvest Rewards Progress Reports

Thank-You Soul Community!

Personally, I am infinitely grateful for the tremendous growth and support by the Soul Community (all of you). I want us to maintain a strong relationship and bond as an organization and in order to ensure this materializes, I will continue doing what I can on my end.

No one is perfect and I make mistakes just like any other human being and I want to continue receiving your respect and I part of keeping your respect and maintaining two key principles all members of the Soul Protocol adhere to: Transparency and Integrity.

Enhancing Transparency

As a means to continue ensuring you respect us and what we are doing, I will make it my priority to enhance visibility into the inner-workings here and help you all understand what we plan on doing, what we are working on now, what we have done, and what we have taken note of, but not pursuing.

The ways this is being implemented include this Topic and a transparent and detailed publicly-accessible board of task and utilities we are implementing – updated LIVE as we implement them.

Additionally, as time allows, I will take it upon myself to take more control over the organizational aspects of the Protocol and we will have more defined roles as our team expands.

Harvest Updates

This topic will be the home for the live progress updates I will make in regards to the Farm Harvest Reward Allocation. Please subscribe and join in on the conversation! I want you all to receive repayment as much (if not much more) than you do. We have 2 team members currently and the more eyes on this problem, the quicker we can arrive at an amicable solution.

The first batch of updates shall arrive in the next 24-48 hours as I am diving into the data to create a summary analysis of what has taken place and how many addresses were actually affected.

We have a few known variables and others we are not as sure about and want you to be here every step of the way so you know you can rely on us to do our absolute best to serve you all.

Personally, I am nothing with the community. Soul is nothing without you guys. You all add value to this ecosystem and I am eternally grateful and hope I can continue to earn your support.

Warm Regards,
Buns (the Enchantress)


After parsing through the data, I would like to share the following summary statistics to initiate our rewards returns process. The table below contains a summary of my findings (thus far).

Metric Value Details
Unique Addresses 478 Unique addresses that transacted with the SoulSummoner prior to bug resolution.
Affected Addresses 405 Users who transacted more than once.
Unaffected Addresses 73 Users who transacted exactly once.
Staking Only 184 Users who strictly entered or left staking, never depositing nor withdrawing.
Farming Only 54 Users who strictly withdrew or deposited, never entering nor leaving staking.
Both 167 Users who either staked or farmed.

We’ve hired on a team of professionals to hammer out the subgraphs while we continue building out the rest of the protocol. We assure you we have not forgotten about you all. Thanks for your patience!