Harvest Rewards Temporary Fix -- Weekly Seance Re-Supply

We have come to the realization that from now until we roll out the next iteration of farms, we will need to continually provide the additional SOUL that was not allocated originally. The reason for this is the original contract used to over-mint and this was removed for efficiency as it originally not apparent why the excess was traditionally minted.

Now that we have identified the locus of the under-served harvest, since we want to avoid such an inevitability, we will have to process a weekly mint of the 500K SOUL directly to the SEANCE address. This is a temporary solution designed to ensure all harvests are claimable.

Note: This is no different than what the contract would have (and very well should have) minted itself to ensure harvest rewards are always available when users want to claim.

Please feel free to bring up any questions or concerns as we understand though 500K weekly may sound like a lot, this is what would have been minted had the refactoring not occurred.

Warm Regards,