Hello, I noticed some of my liquidity pools are not showing up in the summoner

Well this morning I was able to see all four of the different liquidity pools that I have in the seminar. However as of 2150 I am unable to see none of my Soul-fUSD, Seance-Soul, Seance-WFTM nor Soul-Reaper LP’s. I can see them and interact with them on the vfat page but I was confused when they hadn’t appeared in their normal location. I am not sure if this is a bug or some kind of update, I just thought it relevant to bring this matter to your attention.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!

Thanks for bringing this up. I had the same issue yesterday.

Unfortunately, the LP issue appears to be malfunctioning, i bought out the reaper farm LP’s and can see them in /pool but not in /summoner nor can I enter the value and bypass as if it were a simple display issue.

Great work on everything guys, keep it up!


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I recently rolled out an update, please let me know if this hasn’t been resolved. Thank you so much for your patience!