Proposal: NFT Asset Acquisition

Proposal Submitted: Proposal: NFT Asset Acquisition


The purpose of this proposal is to use 20,000 FTM to acquire NFT assets to expand the Soul ecosystem. These assets are not for trading, but instead to be able to interact and build upon the chosen NFT’s platform. However, if the assets are bought-up by an opposing party and are unavailable prior to the proposal ending, the remaining funds will be sent back to the DAO.


The acquisition of the NFT assets will be purchased via paintswap (

Voting takes place here: Snapshot


Will they just be held by the DAO permanently or to be sold at a much later date, what is the extent of interaction for users? I think the plans for that should be further expanded upon. It doesn’t seem like you mean using them for perks/yield for individual users? You would just make your own in that situation/charge for mint.

Which NFTs, how will they be chosen? If it’s just “build upon the chosen platform”, why would the DAO/Soulswap ever need to do that? If there is something mutual between paintswap, would be cool to know what they have planned in response to it.

This is something @DeGatchi has planned to work into a partnership we have in the works. He plans to use the funds for purchasing an asset for the protocol. This wouldn’t be a speculative purchase for the purpose of trading it at a future date, but rather due to the intrinsic value of ownership of the asset in question.


Held permanently until a proposal passes that changes that status.
The interaction/perks for SOUL will be retrieved via the utility of the NFTs’ project, bringing a whole new world (quite literally) to SOUL, alongside a partnership + a merged community w/ the targeted project(s). If this seems beneficial to the SOUL user, then they can decide via voting.

We don’t want to specify the NFTs for the sake of it being purchased by another party. Hope you understand.