Questions about staking and unstaking my funds

Hi, I’m new with SoulSwap.
I’m a little, not very confused.

So I started with swapping FTM for SOUL. Then I staked my SOUL for SEANCE.
Then I LP’ed my SEANCE with FTM to farm it.
I noticed that my LP was halve the value it should be, but in the upper left corner it stated the right amount.

When I clicked on farms > yours I saw 2 pools, 1 soul, and 1 SEANCE-FTM.

So I thought I did something wrong and unstaked my SEANCE-FTM and withdrew liquidity trying to find out I misse a step.

Now I’m missing half my funds. I’m missing 70 FTM.

Somewhere it said burn your SEANCE-FTM…

Help! I’m uncertain, I must have done something wrong.

And I’m unable to unstake my SEANCE for SOUL somehow…

Help would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

Okay, panic is over. The FTM I invested to pair, with SEANCE was returned as WFTM when I removed liquidity. This is confusing nonetheless.

I’m back with staked SOUL (SEANCE), I see I now can unstake it for SOUL. So all good.

Still. If someone can enlighten me…

I staked all my soul for seance, same amount if I’m not mistaken.
Then I pair my seance with ftm as LP (because it has a higher apr than soul-ftm)
When farming, I see two asets, soul-soul (50% apr)
And seance-ftm (185% apr)
Both represent half my total investment.

So am I doing it right if I want to pursue this higher APR? But misinterpreted the UI?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi there, we’re you able to get this issue resolved satisfactorily? If not, please advise how I might be able to assist you.