Reduction of Daily Soul Emissions

Dear Community.

Since those early days in August 2021 the project has emitted over half the soul that will be in circulation for this contract. The high hopes we had at the time for the protocol has been delivered and then some. 0xBuns has constantly shipped features that make us class leading on the tech side.

However the tech superiority is not reflected in the market cap that we see our project trading at. The value has been decimated by the bear market and the bad sentiment instilled from bad actors in this space, This is outwith the control of the project team and all us as holders.

In order to give the project more time to recover and continue on its journey into the next bull market, I propose that we half the daily soul emissions from current 250k per day to 125k per day.

This will give the project more runway time to develop and reduce the constant selling pressure expected from projects that incorporate farming as a feature.

Snapshot will be added when I figure out how I can use AVAX aura for initiating it…please feel free to discuss

Voting takes place here: Snapshot [INSERT HASH]

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Hai there @Mr_Slugg and thank you for taking the time to create this submission. In your honor, I have went ahead and drafted the Official Proposal, so our community may enact a vote to reduce emissions moving forward.

Notable Adjustment
Instead of 50%, I will allow for the community to decide on the exact amount as this shall respect the spirit of the proposal you created, though in a manner that best aligns with Community Sentiment.

Hopefully you find this to be a fair way to treat this proposal. I respect your feedback, especially knowing you have been around since before Day 1 of SoulSwap and I appreciate having your around.

Snapshot (vote) may be found here: Snapshot

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Let’s take a deeper dive into the effects of each option, please note that the DURATION column assumes we have minted 150M SOUL (+/- 10M).

As such, since the MAX is 250M, then the LEFT is 100M and DURATION is calculated thusly (for no change in DAILY of 250K):

= 100M / 250K
= 400 Days

0% 250,000 SOUL 400 Days February 2024
25% 187,500 SOUL 533 Days July 2024
50% 125,000 SOUL 800 Days March 2025
75% 62,500 SOUL 1,600 Days June 2027
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