Request return of funds lost in misunderstood unbonding


The purpose of this proposal is to have devs review my request for return of funds (or bonds restoration) for funds lost during unbonding.

I have unfortunately completely misunderstood the “Earned amount” vs “Mint amount” whereby my understanding was that when the “Earned amount” = " Deposited Amount" it is safe to unbond (after sending email inquiry to soulswap as advised in the pop-up but not getting response)
The documentation describing this process is vague and hereby I would like to volunteer to re-write the whole documentation on bonding with clear and concise examples.
Little useful step by step guide.

The transaction against which I lost my funds is Fantom Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | FtmScan

Basically what I’ve done is I’ve exchanged 1400 for 186.

I understand that this is my fault and I should have tested the process with smaller amount before rushing into such errors with larger funds, but I was so excited with new Bonds that I couldn’t wait to test them.

I had intention to bond back again after unbonding (as indicated above was testing the mechanism) and would be happy if the bond is restored.

If the bond cannot be restored will accept any solution that may be suggested by the dev and approved by DAO.

Been with SoulSwap since the moment I found it and I’m in love with the platform. Haven’t sold a single token.
Done my due diligence and used my Twitter to raise as much awareness for the platform as I could.
My intentions are never selfish and would like to see you grow so we can grow together…

Letting you decide.
If trying to verify the email I sent in your inbox asking for clarification on the bonds it came from

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi again, is anyone reading this forums?