Request return of lost LP in unbonding

Hi team. I have a similar experience to SoulFan. I thought I was claiming some SOUL rewards and now my LPs are gone. I read the explainer but after several re-reads I see the error of my ways. Like most of us, I have made a few errors along my crypto journey which hurt but I tried to chalk down to education. My first loss was to a phishing scammer and I will not make that mistake again. Second and third errors were sending wrong tokens over the wrong chain. I still struggle with this…

I have been enjoying using Soulswap. Staking for SEANCE and Enchant. I just screwed up with the Bonding.

I am thinking I need to make my own, separate proposal here but in case this is the right place, here is my address where I unbonded 0x5a7D259582331f108ac18CF3fb9d4024c665FC0e. I think this could be the tx 0x76bfd5ee97be94b83d50c40ceb26e5589d429178cb830e8deb83776caa0ab14e
I too would be happy for the DAO to keep a percentage for it’s efforts and for my education fee. Same options as SoulFan - 25%, 10%, nothing.

I understand the bonding now and would consider re-bonding and leaving longer term. It would certainly help to stabilise SOUL price.

A pop-up window of secondary check before unbonding would be a great idea I think. It would likely have made me re-read the explainer again.

Thanks all.

Wanna settle this outside of a proposal? If so, I will send you 800 SOUL/FTM LP. Please confirm this amount is fair to you. You sent ~885 SOUL/FTM LP. Please verify this figure matches your expectations.

If you agree, then I’ll send you the 800 from my personal funds and you will forfeit the opportunity to bring this up as a proposal and will lose 10% of the amount you accidentally bonded. This covers the SOUL you also harvested and penalizes you for not inquiring prior to interacting.

How’s that sound to you?

Also, please note that this confirmation pop up has since been added to the UI to prevent further instances of these sorts of grievances.

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Hi Buns,

Thanks very much for your reply and offer, especially over the holiday time and from your own funds. I kindly accept the offer and are happy to hear you added the pop-up. Thank you. I look forward to jumping back in to SOULSWAP but with more caution than ever.

Thanks again,

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Sent — Fantom Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | FtmScan

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! :fireworks:

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Thank you very much for this kind consideration and action Buns. Happy New Year. Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful 2022.

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