Treasury Allocation: Liquidity, Marketing, and Audits

Proposals Submitted:


The purpose of this proposal is to allocate a share of FTM Reserves and Protocol fees for the purposes of covering expenses with an urgent need in light of the updated policy enacted by Fantom regarding the minimum requirements for acquiring the Fantom Foundation Grant.

In the interest of ensuring we are able to proceed with or without the full support of the Fantom Foundation, I am requesting allocation from the Treasury to help expense a number of items, for which there will be separate votes.

Details and Design

The table below summarizes the 3 Proposals and their respective Components covered by each proposal in addition to the source for the requested funds.

“Fees” refers to the portion of the component’s allocation expensed by our fees, whereas “Reserves” refers to the FTM Reserves in our DAO Treasury.

We estimate these funds will be sufficient to carry us through the next approximate 4 months without relying on external grant funds, thereby ensuring we remain self-sustainable and a force on our own regard via strategic and intentional allocation of our reserve assets and funds. In the event that a Fantom Grant begins prior to the utilization of these funds, we will gladly bring about a proposal to return all remaining, unspent funds as the grant shall be sufficient to cover all neccessary expenses.

Let’s put our heads together and find a solution that doesn’t rely on anyone but our own drive to succeed and our ability to efficiently allocate our resources.

Please refer to the table below for the requested allocations, which are subject to alteration from now thru the start of the Snapshot voting period within the next 36hrs.

Liquidity 25,000 FTM 5,000 FTM 20,000 FTM


Marketing 20,000 FTM 5,000 FTM 15,000 FTM


Audits 10,000 FTM 5,000 FTM 5,000 FTM


NOTE: “Liquidity” refers to the requirements held by exchanges to provide sufficient liquidity when listing an asset pair, for example in USDT when listing SOUL-USDT. These are NOT funds that are kept by the exchange and ultimately remain ours, though the value may fluctuate, as is always the case when providing liquidity for an asset pair.


Sorry, boring reply, but difficult to vote on this properly without understanding the underlying position in terms of cash flow forecasts / budgets etc… Obviously coming at this from a standard company POV rather than a DAO, so not sure what’s standard practice (if anything), and I’m sure forecasting in detail would be tricky and time consuming given that neither of you appear to sleep already…! But just interested in terms of what info you have on this side of things?

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Not boring, totally reasonable. Unfortunately, due to the nature of listings criteria and how much they differ from one party to another, the breakdown would be rather shallow, so that component is founded upon our estimated cost per listing, which ranges from $30K-$100K (on the lower end).

This is because liquidity is required for exchange listings and those requirements vary dramatically.

Marketing costs are an estimated minimum of $15,000 monthly with deals we’ve coordinated. We have the highest quality marketing agency out there in crypto and we will begin seeing them work their magic starting mid-December.

Auditing costs are based off the average cost per audit, which ranges from $10,000-$25,000 per audit. Again, due to a number of factors.

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