Unable to see current farming position

So I recently converted half my FTM stack to SOUL and added liquidity to the FTM/SOUL farming pool. I received my LP tokens but when I check my farming position, it doesn’t show I’ve added anything. I did this through Metamask if that makes any difference.

Also, I was contacted by someone claiming to be a support rep called JustChrisy. Is this a legit support agent? The first thing they said was a ticket had been created for me but I haven’t heard back on where I can go to track my support ticket. Seems a little sketch, but would like to confirm if anyone can. Thank you.

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Hello, be aware of scam, Mod will never DM you first so this JustChrisy just wanna scam you.

Please, DM me (you can find me on official channel @LP19871 )and will check your issue if not fixed yet :slight_smile:


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