Using MOR stable coin in treasury for improved capital efficiency

MOR stable coin is a DAI fork over collatorized and incentivised for users as well as any protocols that implement hodling stabalcoins in treasury assets. it pays far more attractive returns compared to any other stablecoin out there and with the transformation its going thru , protocol owned liquidity , ever growing buyback and burn contracts and mor
if the protocol were to hold half of the liquidity in MOR it would get rewards far better plus able to borrow MOR against assets like Lux or Soul or soul/mor or lux/mor lps for users to leverage so many possibilities ask any question and i will do my best to answer launching on fantom jan 22 and currently updating the docs and website

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I certainly like this idea. Might be a good way for the SOULswap DAO to increase their liquidity.

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Specially currently they’re implementing curve pools on the PSM peg stability mechanism with perpetual income on holdings for fantom launch.
Bonds from day 0, protocol owned liquidity accumulation from start highest rewards stablecoin

As a protocol holding own liquidity only make sense to use the MOR stablecoin ecosystem
mechanism to increase returns on them.
Ability to borrow and leverage also share in the profits.
Here’s an overview of expected launch parameters for fantom launch

MOR pays the highest yields for a stable coin plus it could allow for leverage earning yield while the principal asset single or paired LP earning APR

Follow up
On this. Are you ready with a proposal that we can vote on?