Proposal - remove Reaper and Grim from Farms

Proposal Submitted: Snapshot [INSERT HASH]

Remove Reaper and Grim from Farm incentives

*The purpose of this proposal is to have Reaper and Grim pairs removed from farms as they really don’t benefit soulswap in any way and add constant automated selling of soul token. At the bare minimum, these pools should be paired with the soul or seance token. I see no genuine benefit from soul incentivising these farms, the exposure we get from being listed with 50 pairs of other tokens is negligible, you don’t have to farm or buy soul token to use the farms and they will constantly dump soul . *



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I think for partnership it is necessary, and the SOUL allocated to them is small enough not to influence the rest, so whilst it may be an eye sore, I don’t think it has any real impact and wouldn’t bother removing it if it keeps our new partner happy.